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Trainings and personal development to become an International Certified Coach. Coaching Leadership, Team coaching, Wellness coach and Career coach.
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As a parent and entrepreneur, I know how it is to joggle career with family. What I learned in my, so far, five businesses are to turn to other professionals to complete what I lack. In CoachCompanion we are constantly looking in supporting businesses, big or small. In our training- and meeting venue "Get together Horea 10" we offer trainings (ACTP) in personal development and trainings to become a certified coach by International Coaching Federation. Besides being a professional coach, you can choose to become specialized by us in Coaching Leadership, Team coach, Wellness coach and Career coach.

This is for you if you:
-want to develop yourself or your business, you get a lot of coaching in the program and learn the coaching approach.
-want to use coaching in your profession or work as an International Certified Coach.
- you want to use Coaching Leadership and implement a coaching culture in the workplace.

You can hire one of our professional coaches for individual coaching to grow yourself or your business. Always choose a Certified coach to make sure you get the most of your investment in time and money.

In "Get Together Horea 10" you can rent Training rooms, meeting rooms, and desks for your business.
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Str. Horea nr 10, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
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